When PC Goes OTT

Gotta say… yes, people get offended.

And, yes, maybe what I’m gonna show ya is “offensive” (you fucking thin-skinned assholes) .

I mean, it’s not bad that people get all lathered and tissed  but well…

Oh, fuck you. Stop being offended!!!

And, for the love of all that is slightly funny, the following email/pic surely wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t deserve this fucktard e-mail from the so-called IT/financial director (we call him “Fun Sponge Grey Slacks”).


XXXX, (a certain person’s name should go here)

“This (the stupid pic we shall soon be discussing) could be deemed to be highly offensive material to some. You must not distribute it publicly again.”

Oh? What’s that? What was this “Highly offensive material”?

Funny you should ask.

It was this:


So… do you see it?

Do ya get it?

Does it make you think that the end of the world is here?

Or did you laugh so hard yer teeth fell out???? (Pretty doubtful.)

What’s going on?

What’s that???

Oh my, yes! The exhaust pipe does looks like it might be his wiener (or “DICK” to our more conservative readers)!

*Hilarity ensues*

This, my friends, is why IT people should NEVER dictate the funny. They’re all afraid of government rules and regulations.

IT guys are dicks.

And government blows.

And I’m going to bed now…