Oh! I kid! I KID….

There’s all of 5 people who witnessed my breakdown the other night (now deleted. WHEW!)

Sorry ’bout that!

I’m still a good guy. Got a bit upset. Yelled a little too loudly in public (I’ve got a kinda big mouth some-a-times).

So… still here. Still a jerk. Still hating a lot of things but loving a whole lot more.

Please excuse my venom.

It won’t kill you.

But it might get me fired.

But so what?



  1. Hey Wayne, it was me that said Hi at Sainsbury’s today.

    Hope I didn’t weird you out, I just had to introduce myself to someone who has made me laugh so much via the magic of the interwebs.

    All the best buddy,


  2. Aaron,
    Freak me out??? Are you kidding? It was the best after-lunch story of the day! I was the office celebrity for almost 5 whole minutes!

    Seriously, glad you enjoy my work and you didn’t freak me out.

  3. Ha – glad I added sparkle to your day! I had always hoped to spot you and Jett out and about some day and treat you to a coffee or something.

    The guy at the check-out was a bit bewildered – he seemed a bit worried that he had just been serving a local celeb unknowingly!

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