A Little Insight

Anybody whose anybody who reads this shit blog won’t be surprised when I say this:

I’m either Obsessive-Compulsive, Manic-Depressive, or simply, “full of shit”.

For the sake of argument, I’m gonna go with the Manic-Depressive diagnosis because I’ve been on the dopey drugs under Doctor’s ORDERS (who said I was probably MANIC DEPRESSIVE) (and, yes, they do work- if you like feeling like you’re underwater under the influence of a drug that makes the thought of being underwater and drowning an ‘ok-why-the-hell-why-not’ feeling’ ok.)

So this is my statement for today: I’m tired.

But boy howdy did I have a LOT to say… until I forgot it all cuz I’ve got a lot of shit to deal with tomorrow and for the next week.

The point is… stay tuned.

I’m gonna let y’all know why everything’s been weird lately.

It’ll probably bore ya.

Tough shit!

(Oh, and now I’m watching ‘Return of the Jedi’. Talk about editing your legacy….)


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