Nature vs. All Those Other Assholes…

I have two VERY strong views on the subject of picking up dog shit in a grocery bag just because it’s the so-called “law”:

1. It’s gross.

2. I won’t pick it up.

Let’s look at it subjectively: Dog shit is natural.

And completely fucking disgusting… but whatever.

Unfortunately, it (the dog shit) (eventually) dissolves into a brown smudge that our so-called “lawnmower” (it’s an electric ‘hover-type-bullshit (well, I guess I mean ‘dog shit’)-crappy-lawn mowing-type-whatever’) will never in a million years scatter and/or chop up to my ultimate satifaction. My thinking is that, unattended, it (the dog shit) will still melt into the grass after a good solid rain storm (that’s how it works…right?).

Also, I had many other humorous points but I can’t remember what they were or, if in fact, they were humorous.


Dog shit rules!!!


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  1. Anytime I had to “dog-sit” for a relative, I made it perfectly clear that while they were gone, I would not be picking up any feces. I would do my best to remember their approximate locations and they could collect the piles when they returned.

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