I’m Reeeeeeeling….

Today I savored, licked, smiled smugly, shit confidently, walked oh-so-goddamn-proudly out of a fucking stupid-as-shit ‘informational’ meeting with an “Oh-yeah, asshole?” smile on my face.

It practically sent me to the emergency room. (These kind o’ smiles don’t come easy, Skippy!)

My smile was so goddamn well deserved.

Oh, I can’t divulge the details.

Let’s just say that my work… well it WORKED.

And it was a great moment. Especially since my boss wanted rid of me.

Maybe I’ll go pro after all this.

Maybe there’s a world where I freelance, make assloads of cash, and live a pretty fucking happy life.


But for now…

Oh Jebus, today was a fine fucking slap up the assboss face.

It’ feels pretty good.

It proves I’m good.

That’s all I ever wanted.

And, now that I’ve jinxed myself for the rest of my natural born life, I shall go to bed.


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