Let Us See… Shall We???

Even though I am want to use totally too much of those thingys that come after sentences (you know! Like exclamation marks and question marks and that kind of shit. What, for the love of God, are they called??? Oh yeah!!!! PUNCTUATION MARKS!!!! (gotta get more sleep this weekend)) I will say that I’m trying something tonight that, judging by the look on my wife’s face when I bought it, might just send me to an early grave.

The culprit?

A canned (“tinned” for my UK readers) steak pie.

Oh yeah, baby.

This thing comes packaged in a tin can type gizmo. All I have to do is “cook” it in the oven for like 30 minutes. It even has OXO gravy!! (Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

So far, it smells pretty good.

I’ll give you a full report later.

If I survive.


1 Comment

  1. That sounds God-awful.

    You have weakened my already weakened appetite.

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