You Money Makers Make Me Sick


It’s been like a month since I posted.

That’s because my boss (and, yes, I know y’all are cringing at this moment cuz you’ve heard it all before) is a total asshole.

This is what the last 2 weeks have given me:

1.)A private meeting with said “asshole” in which he told me that I and I alone was responsible for the company being 2 weeks behind in a major pitch process. I was too angry to point out that all my work was, in all actuality, done and dusted and that it was the creative director he should be focusing his anger upon. This meant nothing to anyone. I took the blame. Hi “blame”. Nice to meet you.

2.) A second meeting where the fat son of a bitch threatened my job in front of most of the company and then excused me from said meeting. His reason for threatening me? I didn’t change some copy that he said was fine. No. You read that right. I didn’t change something he didn’t tell me to change.

I must be some kind of fucking idiot.

Anyway. My job has been threatened and so I need to leave.

Let me just say this…

No. Never mind. Can’t really say what I want.

Until I get a new job.

Then I’ll spill the beans.

Oh, yeah. Spilllllllll…………..



  1. Yea I know where you are at. I’ve had quite a few jobs of different kinds and they all suck.

  2. I think ALL jobs suck. That’s just how it is. If you love money then you hate all of mankind. My (ex) boss loves money.

    He’s a dick.

    (Remember: A person who is nice to you but mean to the waiter is not a nice person. This is sooooooo true.)

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