I’m Not Sick, I’m Sincere…

I’ve been off “work” since last Friday.

If I’m honest with myself, I’d have to say I’ve been off work since the day I started.


(I didn’t say that out loud. My boss might be listening.)

Anyway stress, or lack of mental capability or whatever you want to call it, finally crippled me. I’ve had a cough (a “deep something-or-the-other chest-al type infection” which has gripped and shook and strangled me) that only a strong anti-biotical-type drug thingy will cure. I’m taking it now. It’s tasteless. It’s a capsule… It seems to be working…

I’ve made a list of the things I’m going to/have accomplish/ed whilst I’m out.

This is the list so far:


“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick. (Done. Got at least 5 other books now to read before Christmas. My will shall be done…)


“It’s a Wonderful Life.” (done)

“Elf” (also done)

“Match Point” (Woody Allen) (done again)

“Spiderman III” (oh yeah, done)

“Life of Brian” (fell asleep… like I always do. Why is that?) (still…done)

This is it, folks. (Not really. Got tons of other movies and books to see/read. Not a chance I’ll be bored.)

I’m a boring S.O.B.

A sick S.O.B. but an S.O.B. nonetheless.

I’m gonna listen to my iPod and sleep now, even though it’s only 2 in the afternoon.

Take care, peeps.

Happy/Merry Christmas…


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  1. I haven’t been here for a while, so I’ve been catching up. My New Year’s wish for you is an amazing job offer in short order (shouldn’t be too hard with your background 🙂 Then, may fat bastard realize what he’s lost when it’s gone!

    Hope you feel much better soon.

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