I keep trying to run away but y’all keep bringin’ me back!

Yes. I took away this shit-tacular blog for a day.


Cuz I thought I’d get in trouble or some such shit.

But Fuck Em!!!!

The email I posted (yesterday?) is 100% true. The company I work for is 100% full of assholes. The reason I’m going fucking insane is 100% the fault of the fucktards I work for.

Little lesson people: If your job blows and sucks at the same time, for god’s sake just GO. Seriously. Leave. Never look back. And though you’d like to tell the fat, overweight, wife/girlfriend cheating-ass-sucking-piece-of-shit-cock-licking-blowhard that you hate with every single ounce of your being that you want to kill/maim/cripple everyone one of their immediate family… DON’T DO IT!

Just leave.

That’s what I plan to do.

In the meantime the fuckers still pay my wages.



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