Thank You and Goodnight… ASSHOLES

Today… well, today the world turned.

And it was good.

Oh, I’ve talked about it.  Sweated about it. Bitched about it. But never did shit about it.

Until yesterday.

I went for an interview.

Today. The job is mine.

I have danced a ridiculous dance of a retarded nature at various intervals all day to celebrate.

I have NEVER been this happy to quit a job in my ENTIRE life.

The best part? They told me to go home and not come back and that they would pay my full salary for the rest of the month!

3 week vacation fully paid! And that doesn’t take into account the 4 weeks I get at my new job!

Life is good.

My old job is bad.

Fuck em!

(And to the management that didn’t have the fucking balls to say ‘goodbye’ to me in person: Well fuck you too. You fucking cowards. That is all.)


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