Sometimes Life Just Smiles Your Way

Married To The Sea
So I got a new job yesterday.

(Fuckin’ aye right!)

Of course the manipulative ass-cock-fucktards I USED TO WORK FOR seem to think they still own me until the end of the month.

Pretty typical of those assholes.

They think they own everyone.

Too bad they’re not as cool as they think they are. (Not a single board member talked to me yesterday. All I got was a stupid email from one of the spineless board members wishing me well and asking me to confirm their fucking weakling legal request that I don’t go to work for anyone until February. They’re afraid of something. Don’t know what. They’re just cocks. But that’s my opinion. Oh, by the way, did I mention that THEY told me to go home?)

Their words: “We reserve the right to call you back to work.”

Oh really, ass-fucks? You think I’m gonna come back after you told me to go home NOW and then come back and give you quality fucking work? Really? You really believe that??? REALLY???

Jebus! You’re dumber than that sack of shit I pissed on on my way home the other night!

And today… well, my wife just got a new kick ass job too.

We’ve always been lucky that way.

We run away….

Run to another county/state/country… but we always seem to land on our feet.

To be honest, I’m sooooo much more excited about my dear wife getting her new job than I was about me getting mine. She’s such a super talented woman and I love her more than ever. I just hope this new job gives her the same joy she gives me.

2008 might just be great.

It’s pretty fucking sweet so far.


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