American Assholes Throwing a Dog Over a Cliff

Don’t know if this is real or not.

If it’s fake, it’s pretty funny.

If it’s real… then I’m pretty fucking scared of the American military for a) letting people as stupid as this enlist and b) having oversea military operations that require people as stupid as this to “protect” us.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

*small update here- Yes, I’ve edited this. Problem is there’s this thing called, er…um… something about posting something automatically when you’re not around. And well, I wrote the original (which, I’m sure is cached somewhere in the magical non-erasing land of Google) when I was in a pretty sour mood (the dog that they throw over the cliff looks like a puppy version of Sparky (don’t fuck with my dog, dude!)).

Anyway, I had to work a little later than expected last night and forgot all about the “emo boy” rant I had haphazardly typed out in a fit of “life’s-not-fair! Wah! Wah!”

However, I stand by my hatred of “W” and I, like most of the outside world, am scared to death of those fuckers in the video (unless it was a fake, then they should be on TV cuz lord knows there’s nothing on these days…)

**another update: seems the fucks at YouTube or whoever/whatever got the chicken shits. The video ain’t around no more. I’ll see if I cans finds it…

Try this. It aint the original but it’ll do…

I’m really fucking pissed off about this.

(will not rant online… will not rant online… will not rant online…………)

Here, this is more like it:


Here’s Me, Wha????



This is how it rolls.

The ONE time Jett and I DON’T go to the completely biased and utterly hateful Irish Blog Awards we fucking win????

So what if it’s for the Most Shafted category. The point is we won something (I presume it was something physical. Like a card or slap in the face or something, anyway).


That’s the way it goes, I suppose.

YAY!!!! WE WON!!!!!