Here’s Me, Wha????



This is how it rolls.

The ONE time Jett and I DON’T go to the completely biased and utterly hateful Irish Blog Awards we fucking win????

So what if it’s for the Most Shafted category. The point is we won something (I presume it was something physical. Like a card or slap in the face or something, anyway).


That’s the way it goes, I suppose.

YAY!!!! WE WON!!!!!



  1. Aw Geez! Now I have to repeat my post on LTA. Jett won the award he deserved. Geez! I on the other hand won one I’ll cherish. You see I won a, “You Make My Day” award from K8 the Gr8!

  2. When I say “We” I really mean “Jett”.

    All I did was drive our sorry asses down to Dublin.

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