Holy Bejeeeeeeeebus!


Hey kids.


I’m tired.

(Long hours at work with no thanks. That’s the world for ya. Give your best, get a deragatory email in your in-box. Contemplate suicide. God bless us, one and all…)

I’ll be shakin’ and updatin’ and informatin’ soon.

Right after I get a decent night’s sleep.

Ha ha ha ha!

We all know that ain’t gonna happen!

So, I’ll update when I’ve had a better than less than shitty half-assed night’s rest.

You have my word.

Until that time, tune into

Letter to America and picture me as a ‘happy-happy-joy-joy’ man o’ the world who has boundless energy and words enough to sprinkle the universe with the best goddamn sales copy ever imagined.


(Heavy Sigh)


I’m working from home tonight (during my normal blogging time) so for those who don’t know about my secret life as a quasi-intertubes celebrity co-host — I’ve got nothing of interest for you. (For the account handler who’s expecting that ‘fact sheet’–“It’ll be on your desk first thing in the morning!”)

For those who are following the drama of LTA (www.lettertoamerica.blogs.com) (I’m not doing the hyper link thingy cuz WordPress likes to screw things around when you do that. Maybe it’s just me.), you should go and watch this video…(Oh god, I’m gonna try to hyperlink…fingers crossed…click here.)

It’ll make you smart.

It’ll make you happy.

It’ll make you wee just a tiny, tiny bit in your pants.

I promise.

Everything is answered and you’ll feel like a champ (except for the wet underpants. That’s kinda gross)!

In the meantime…I’ve gotten about 10 hours of sleep this week. I’m gonna eat my grilled cheese sandwhich, go lie down on the sofa and if I fall asleep then I fall asleep. Tomorrow, I’ll just have to tell the account handler the truth that I *ahem* sent the file I’m working on RIGHT NOW to my work email account and that it got corrupted.

It’s true!









(No. Not really.)






(I’m fucked.)

Jett Loe Does a Runner (Jerk)

Jett does a runner

It’s been a crazy week.

(Before I go any further let me give you a quick update on my snoring problem–it’s still there. The nose strips definitely let me breathe better but unfortunately they create the horrible side effect of me gettting a fuller, richer lung-full of air in which to Rock the Casba in the snoring sense. I’m in the process of setting up an appointment with the NHS so it could be another 6 months or so before I get anything sorted out (but at least it’ll be free!). That should give me enough time to save money for an extra bed and/or divorce lawyer.)

Not only have I been suffering from an insufferable bout of insomnia but work has taken a work-like turn and I’m ‘up to my tits’ in…uhmmmm…well, work.

On top of that, Jett has decided to do a runner and has left me holding the proverbial bag (and it’s wet and moist and I’m not liking it so much…)

People, please believe me when I say I don’t know what the fuck is going on (this applies to work, life and Letter to America). I have tried email, landline, mobile, Skype and psychic outreach. And I got nothin’.


Like I said on

Letter to America:

“I don’t know where he is or when/if he’ll be back.”

If I hear anything, however, I will let you know.

(Oh, and I’m trying to boost my site traffic with Imogen Sex Tape, Mel Gibson Drunk, Israel, and Will Smith is gay. Have a good evening all…)

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