I’m a Liar

Yeah, I was surposed ta tell’s ya what’s like to be a copywriter (or sum such shite) in my last post.

And I failed to deliver.

For several reasons.

The main one’s being, I don’t have a fucking clue under the heavens as to how I got my job and then somehow managed to advance to a really great job (I sweat at night worrying that I will be found out and sent back to an equally skilled job- like street sweeper).

So for me to give any type of career advice would be like George “W” Bush telling the United States of America how to live their lives.

Oh fuck! I’m sooooooooooooooo qualified! I can do that!

So here’s my advice:

Write what you want when you can. Write for you local newspaper, your college newspaper, your high school newspaper.

Just write and write and write and write and write and then one day…

You’ll end up scribbling out advertising shit that don’t mean nothing to nobody.

But you’ll get paid really, really well.

Good luck!


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