A Lazy Way To Fill A Post– PICTURES!!!


This is either a bum or a bomb…either way, I’m steering clear.


Do what the sign says! Don’t leave your dog shit on the sidewalk! (Notice the stink lines rising from the poop.)


Perhaps you should bow down to the excremental delights of your pooch…


Or just leave them to fry in the car.


This is like a real life Narnia only creepier and made of concrete. Sort of like the book. Only the characters were turned to stone. Not concrete. This is just an obsessive hobby for somebody. It is wrong. I’ll stop now. (I’m gonna have nightmares.)

This just goes to show that death is interesting to me…and that I hate seagulls. And pigeons. And all the goddamn birds that chirp outside my window at 4 in the morning and wake me up.


I feel better now.

(Stupid birds. SHUT UP!!!!)


  1. Those are some great pictures, Wayne.

    Dogs have been humiliating us for too long – why can’t they just eat their own crap? We know they have no problem with it. It would save those with dogs a lot of hassle.

  2. I agree, Phil. Dogs are incredibly inconsiderate when it comes to crapping. But at least they do it outside (usually).

  3. Has someone from PETA picketed your blog yet?

  4. Whoa. Hadn’t thought about PETA, Steve. Let the record show that though I despise said birds I had no part in the demise of said seagull. I only took the picture. I am innocent. Really.

    (BTW Steve, I tried to comment on your blog today but couldn’t. I think Blogger hates me.)

  5. Wayne, blogger hated everybody sporadically all day.

    You had me up until the dead bird.

    Did you sacrifice him? LOL

  6. You also mentioned stomping a cat’s head on Steve’s blog.

  7. I’m in the process of slowly detoxing…I’m a bit–on edge (for lack of a better word.) I don’t really hate birds (PETA I’m looking your way) in fact I love every living creature in the whole wide world! Like snakes! And salamanders! Yay!

  8. I hate birds. There I’ve said it. PETA be damned. Come get me.

  9. Chum – I know who you are – you don’t want me to give out your blog address do you huh (smacks you around)

  10. Oooh! A fight!

    PETA as far as I’m concerned stands for ….
    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals
    If God didn’t want us to eat Bison, Elk, Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens, Cows, Whitetail Deer and Large Mouth Bass then why did he make them so taste so good?

  12. You forgot sheep.

  13. I might be your secret stalker! Spent Mon-Wed in Ballycastle – though didn’t get as exciting pictures as you. If you let me know your plans for the coming weekend, I’ll try and stay well out of the way!

  14. Yeah, I saw that on your blog this morning and I thought the same thing (i.e. we were inadvertently following each other around the way us bloggers do…).

  15. Blogger was a bitch to comment on earlier this week. Thanks for trying.

    I love birds… they all taste like chicken.

  16. Nikki, you biotch. I TOLD you to quit hitting people. *rubs arm* I’m telling your parents.

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